Beginners' signwriting workshop

Video by Orla Casey of a beginners’ workshop in Westport on 11th Nov 2014, working individually and also collectively producing a sign.


hand-letters-1200The lettering workshops are informal introductions to hand-lettering and signwriting.

I offer day, weekend and week-long sessions where you can learn a variety of practical skills. The courses are designed to suit  all ability levels, and group sizes are kept small.

Workshops include beginners’ introductions to signwriting, chalkboard lettering and home-made letterpress. While the focus of most of the workshops is on lettering in one form or another, I occasionally offer sessions on  skills such as graining and marbling, glass painting, building your own printing press and more.

Signwriting workshops


The signwriting workshops aim to introduce the craft of signwriting, from handling the equipment properly to learning how to draw and paint letters, in a friendly, fun and creative atmosphere. They concentrate on developing freehand brush skills, based on my own experience as a traditional signwriter in the west of Ireland for over thirty years. We will learn how to choose the right brush, the use of the mahl stick and how to write block and script styles. Longer sessions will explore other letterforms, layout, and more complicated techniques such as stippling, shading and writing on glass.

Academic writing


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John MulloyJohn Mulloy is a lecturer in Art History and Critical theory at the Galway-Mayo Institute of Technology, and also runs a signwriting, hand-lettering and letterpress workshop in Westport, Co. Mayo.


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