Signs suggest a resounding “Yes” at the Galway Arts Centre

The two-day signwriting workshop in the Galway Arts Centre was very busy, with everybody putting in a huge amount of work. Participants tried their hand at block and script lettering, after a series of exercises to give practice at controlling the brush and using the mahlstick. The transition from working in gouache to signwriter’s colours marked a major shift in gear, and the room went very quiet as people became focused on their work. We then moved on to designing a sign, looking at some examples from various books and types of lettering. Everybody chose a phrase, and they gave me one as well, as the plan for the day included me working alongside them, talking them through the process of making the sign – showing by doing. As can be seen in the pictures, a theme emerged in the phrases people chose for their signs, reflecting the momentous result in the Marriage Equality referendum the day before the workshop began!