Walsh’s shop, Mace


Walsh’s is one of the few remaining rural roadside shops in west Mayo, and was badly in need of a new sign. As the shop is set quite far back from a busy road – it used to sell petrol once, and needed a forecourt – the sign needed to be a bit quirky. I decided to go for an irregular design, with lemon gold on the single decorative ‘W’, and the shop name on a curve, to attract notice from passing motorists. The main lettering and colour scheme are based on 19th century railway lettering, basically an expanded Clarendon, while the two side panels are based on a version of Thorowgood italic (1813), crossed with Obsidian. While I fully marked up the main lettering, the panel lettering was hand-written to speed things up. The overall aim was to get an echo of old-timey, crossed with a contemporary twist.